With a pulse frequency of up to 2 Hz, the Parapulser® BASIS device 2 Hz achieves an induction power approx. 8 times higher than all known sub-Hertz pulsers.

The Parapulser® has a very flexible cost model, where the user only pays for as much power as he needs.

Thus, each of the three device versions offers  BASIS (2 Hz), SEMIPRO (10 Hz) and PRO (20 Hz) an excellent price / performance ratio.

The world’s smallest and most powerful magnetic pulser according to Dr. Beck

BASIS (2 Hz)

With a pulse frequency of up to 2 Hz, the BASIS device achieves an induction power approx. 8 times higher than all known sub-Hertz pulsers (see comparison).

Standard frequency range: 1 – 2 Hz (expandable up to 20 Hz, see upgrade options).

Free recharge with 2 – 100K pulse contingents (200,000 magnetic pulses) for temporary increase of pulse frequency up to 20 Hz.

The Parapulser® is the most advanced, powerful and compact Beck magnetic pulser ever built. Thanks to its enormous frequency spectrum, frequency-modulated induction treatment is possible with this device for the first time (e.g. solar plexus with Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz). But most importantly, the high induction power, thanks to its activation strength, enables results even in places where pulsing previously had no effect.


World’s smallest and world’s most powerful magnetic pulser
As compact and easy to use as the Parapulser® is, it is also versatile and powerful. The induction power of the Parapulser® exceeds that of the market leader, the MPG6 Beck magnetic pulser at the highest pulse frequency (20 Hz) by a factor of at least 80. This new dimension of power was previously considered technically impossible (due to heat generation, among other things).


Parapulser® = time machine
In 5 minutes, a complete induction/frequency program can now be completed several times a day, for which one would need many hours with previous devices (MPG6).


Made in Germany
The Parapulser® is completely manufactured in Germany, which guarantees high reliability and robust workmanship. Like the well-known miniZAP® blood electrifier according to Dr. Beck, the Parapulser® is also the product of years of development and optimization.

Weight 2,1 kg

Device with its 2 Hz already offers 8 times the induction power of the MPG6 magnetic pulser from SOTA INSTRUMENTS.

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