PARAPULSER® – world’s smallest and most powerful magnetic pulser

The Parapulser® is the most advanced, powerful and compact Beck magnetic pulser ever built. Thanks to its vast frequency spectrum, for the first time, a frequency-modulated induction treatment became possible (eg, solar plexus with Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz). But most important, the extremely high induction per time achieves an activation level and renders results, where otherwise pulsing didn’t have any effect.

  • World’s smallest and most powerful magnetic pulser
    As compact and simple as the Parapulser® is in its handling, as versatile and powerful it is. At maximum pulse frequency (20 Hz), the induction capacity of the Parapulser® exceeds that of the market leader, the MPG6 Beck magnetic pulser, at least by a factor of 80. This new dimension of performance was considered to be technically impossible (eg because of the heat generation).
  • Parapulser = time machine
    In only 5 minutes, a complete induction-/frequency program can be completed several times a day, for which one would need many hours with existing equipment (MPG6).
  • 5 minutes to quench your cell’s energy thirst.** Standard pulser: 75 pulses = 75 drops = 3.75 ml. Parapulser®: 5000+ pulses = 5000 drops = 250 ml.
  • Made in Germany
    The Parapulser® is manufactured entirely in Germany, which ensures high reliability and robust construction. Like the famous miniZAP® blood electrifier according to Dr. Beck, the Parapulser®, too, is a product of years of development and optimization.

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