Mikas MiniZAP

miniZAP® – Technical Specifications


  • Ultra compact dimensions – the miniZAP® is worn like a wrist watch, without any cable hassle, feather light weight (23 g), comfortable and unobstrusive. Therefore applicable whenever and wherever.
  • No frequency adjustment: The main advantage of the Beck blood-electrification in comparison to a Hulda Clark-like Zapper is, that you do not need to adjust or to select an output frequency to get rid of a specific blood parasite. Because when an electric current into the blood is high enough (50 – 100 µA [Microamps]), it alters the membrane potential of any blood parasite equally, so that the white blood police cells are able to neutralize them.
  • Constant current control – (CCC): At blood-electrification, only the electric current and not the output voltage or frequency, is the decisive factor. Therefore, the miniZAP® is the world’s first Beck blood zapper, which keeps the current always at the set rate, independent of changing skin resistance (see below). At Zappers who have a constant output voltage regulation, you never really know, how much current flows into your body, because at a certain voltage, the current height depends on the skin resistance and the resistance of the sleeve-material, in which the electrode is put. other and so you never know, whether the current is too high and causes blisters or burns, or whether it is too low and has no effect. Therefore, only with a constant current regulation, you have a 100% reproducible and reliable blood-electrification!
  • High performance – at 1000 µA constant output the miniZAP® lasts with a single 3V cell (only 235 mAh) longer than a conventional 27V blood zapper with three 9V blocks (400 mAh). The maximum voltage of the miniZAP® reaches 35 V, more than any other blood zapper on the market.
  • Gold electrodes – a zapper is only as good as its electrodes! The electrodes have the same importance for the overall performance of a zapper, as the electronic parts. They should be corrosion proof, skin compatible and should meet the rigid specifications of Dr. Beck. For the special electrodes of the miniZAP® no costs were spared to meet this high demand.
  • Electrode sleeves: The Gold-electrodes are put into sleeves, which are moistened with electrode gel and some drops of tap water. This improves the current tolerance of the skin due to a good current distribution over the contact area between skin and electrodes.
  • Intelligent error management – (IEM): The miniZAP® tolerates temporary operation disturbances (idle current, short circuit, overload, low batt etc.) during treatment.
  • Optical and acoustical signal code – the miniZAP® is the only blood zapper to prompt error signals both acoustically and visible through LCD display. Reacting to a specific error message avoids breaks in treatment and assures maximum efficiency.
  • Lowest operation costs – intelligent battery management (IBM ): the electronics of the miniZAP® is designed for maximum battery exploit. An empty cell is signalized only when  96% of its capacity are used. A 3V Lithium- cell for 3,49 EUR lasts for 4 months at 120 min. daily use.
  • Highest manufacturing quality – the miniZAP® is a masterpiece of German engineering art. This “power egg” is manufactured according to industry standards (automatic SMD component fitting) and passed a rigid quality control.
  • No DC portion – the miniZAP® has 100% pure AC current output in contrary to some devices, which deliver rectangular pulses, but with a very high portion of DC current (up to 100%). DC current produces electrolysis (ion diffusion) and should be avoided.
  • Quartz stabilized output frequency: The current output frequency of the miniZAP® is quartz stabilized at 3.920 Hz. This is half of the Schumann frequency, which has a high biological compatibility.

Further specifications of the miniZAP® 

  • Quartz precise current frequency (3,920 Hz according to Dr. R. C. Beck).
  • Seamless adjustable output current.
  • Soft start (prevents stress reaction of the body by slow current increase).
  • Overload and short circuit protection.
  • 4 months operation with just a 3V button cell (2 hrs. pe day).
  • LED energy saving mode (increases battery life by another 10%).
  • „Low batt“ signal.
  • Comes with durable, compact transportation case.

Includes (left to right):
1 wrist velcro, 2 gold electrodes, 1 miniZAP®, 1 electrode cable, 1 tube electrode gel 50 g, 1 comprehensive manual (not shown), 1 durable transport box.

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