the smallest Magnetic Pulser

The Parapulser® is the most modern, powerful and compact Beck magnetic pulser ever built. Thanks to its enormous frequency spectrum, frequency-modulated induction treatment is possible with this device for the first time. The high induction power enables results even where previously pulses had no effect.

miniZAP® – the smallest Blood Electrifier

The miniZAP®  is the world’s smallest and most modern blood electrifier after Dr. R. C. Beck – for the wrist. At the same time it is particularly user-friendly, comfortable and powerful. A zapper energizes the body using weak alternating currents and strengthens its performance and regenerative ability on the bioelectric level.



As a graduate engineer for electrical engineering with a focus on control and regulation technology, I have been developing alternative medical devices such as the Parapulser® or the miniZAP® since 2001.


In doing so, only the best is good enough for me – this applies not only to the quality, functionality and longevity of my products, but above all to my customer service. No matter what it is: I always stand by my customers quickly and unbureaucratically.


Each Parapulser® and miniZAP® device is personally assembled, programmed, subjected to a lengthy functional test, and packed into the device case with the accessories.


My motto in life: “No star is too far to reach for it”.



Recent customer feedback (18. Feb. 2021):


After months of owning your Parapulser and miniZAP I can honestly say that these devices are really superb. In build quality, aesthetics and function, I don’t think there is anything better on the market. Having owned several Bob Beck devices I am qualified to compare. The miniZAP is very comfortable and has such an impressive amount of power for a device running off of a small battery. I could not say anything negative about this device. The portability makes it very easy to wear all the time. In the past I had been discouraged from wearing other devices because of their tethered nature or their lack of power in portable versions. Clunkiness was a factor too. The miniZAP is smaller, better built, more stylish and more powerful than I ever thought a device like this could be. I am 100% satisfied with it and happily endorse it after owning one for a long period of time.
The Parapulser is the first Alexander Mikas device I have owned and I was so impressed with its build quality that I immediately decided to buy the miniZAP. As with the miniZAP the design and functionality of the Parapulser really speaks for itself. From first use you realise that this device has been created by a highly skilled engineer and artist. I say artist because whereas the build quality and functionality is fantastic, the designs Alexander has created are very pleasing. They marry perfectly beautiful Aesthetics with impressive engineering. I am extremely happy that I found these devices and I have encouraged others to buy them also. The feedback I received was just as positive and satisfied as the feedback I am giving now. 

Beyond the devices I found Alexander to be an absolute pleasure to interact with. I reached out to him regarding understanding advanced functions of his Parapulser and he was very engaging and helpful. He gave me his opinions on other products I discussed with him and I found him to be a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable person. I wish him and his inventions complete success and thank him for his products and communication.


– G. Mc C. (GB) on 18. Feb. 2021: