PARAPULSER® – Application

(P)ulsating (e)lectro (m)agnetic (f)ields (PEMF) penetrate the whole body. PEMF is known to improve:

  • cell metabolism and ion transportation for better cell nutrition (and excretion).
  • oxygen assimilation (anaerobic micro-organisms have lower membrane potential and tolerate oxygen less than aerobic cells).
  • lymphatic activity.
  • blood flow.
  • alkalinity in extra-cellular fluids (by converting calcium bicarbonate to calcium hydroxide).
  • melatonin production (which has anti-stress and anti-aging effects).

The Parapulser® combines for the first time high flux density (0.66 Tesla) with biological brain frequencies (1-20 Hz). The underlying philosophy is that cell metabolism is increased by high inductive currents. The stimulation covers all types of cells and acts directly on their regenerative power.


The Parapulser® allows an adjustable frequency cell stimulation in the biological window, which goes far beyond an indirect, acoustical frequency application.

Brain waves can be divided into four areas:

  • Alpha waves (8-14 Hz)
  • Beta waves (14-20 Hz)
  • Delta waves (0-4 Hz)
  • Theta waves (4-8 Hz)


The magnetic north pole, from which the magnetic field lines escape, has stimulating effect (similar to antioxidant / alkaline), the magnetic south pole has an inhibitory effect (similar to oxidative / acidic). With the Parapulser® you can apply both polarities individually or in a toggle mode. North (n) is red (= activating), south (s) is blue (= soothing). During a pulse sequence, the north pole of the Parapulser®  is recognizable by repelling the north pole of a compass needle, while the south pole attracts it.

We recommend the combination of the Parapulser® with the complete set of Dr. Beck protocol:

  • miniSilver® Silver Generator – available via NuLife
  • miniZAP® Blood Electrifier (see sources)
  • purZone®  Water Ozonator – available via NuLife

Are you interested or would you like further information about the PARAPULSER®?