Parapulser 100K Pulse


Parapulser 100K Pulses

With the purchase of 100,000 to 2 million pulses, you can operate your parapulser BASIS (2 Hz) as well as SEMIPRO (10 Hz) again with all higher pulse frequencies up to 20 Hz until the pulse supply is used up. Pulses are only consumed if a pulse frequency higher than the standard frequency is set (2 Hz, or 10 Hz). The pulse supply is recharged by entering a 6-digit code number into the device, which will be sent to you by e-mail. You can enter the code yourself.

Please have a look at the video on Youtube. Video on Youtube 


Please note when entering the code:

From the 3rd digit of the code number, the count for selecting the correct digit starts at “zero”. Thus, one more key operation is required to select the correct number.

Example: if you want to enter the number “4”, press the middle key a total of 5 times. Then confirm the selection with the lower key.




Small and cool! The miniZAP® sets new standards:

Comfortable (only 23 g, one-button operation),
Unobtrusive (wristwatch design),
Powerful (1000 µA peak current, special electrodes),
Reliable (Constant Current Control, Intelligent Error Management),
Durable (highest quality, automatic SMD placement),
Economical (Intelligent Battery Management)